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Human Resources Management



The Personnel and Manpower Management system is designed to record all details relating to each employee of an organisation and to enable this to be retrieved and maintained rapidly by a wide variety of reference criteria. The System is part of the comprehensive range of computer packages available from Axiom MSS. This range covers all aspects of modern business management and full details can be supplied on request.


  • Accurate detailed information is available for each employee in an individual review situation
  • A considerable amount of time can be saved by fast and accurate searching of employees’ records for any purpose
  • Accurate, detailed information is available for any group of employees in, for example, a negotiating situation
  • Information held in the system can be combined with Word Processing where, for example, it is desired to write to each employee for some purpose


  • Since the system can accrue all non-attendance details through sickness, leave, special leave, absence etc, accurate efficiency assessment can be made for the purpose of pay reviews, discipline, promotion etc
  • As with absence, achievement details may also be accrued based upon training courses, tasks performed or skills acquired. This enables fast and accurate selection of employees required for new or special functions
  • Where selection for a special task proves difficult, a retry may be done by adjusting the requirements and re-selecting on a "what if" basis
  • Department coding of employees facilitates the production of forward cost figures for budgeting purposes
  • Forward events such as change of pay rate due to age or a retirement date approaching can be prompted by the system

A Closer Look

  • Personnel data is encoded into a computer file and can subsequently be accessed from many different keys
  • The reporting can be by screen enquiry or by report, and by use of a Word Processing routine the individual outputs can be stylised to provide discreet paragraphs on selected reports e.g. Contracts of Employment and revision thereto
  • Department Budgets can be calculated promptly and efficiently on a "what if" basis.

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer with Pentium 4 processor (or higher) with 512MB of memory


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

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