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Materials Requirement Planning System (MRP)



Axiom-MSS’s Materials Requirement Planning System (MRP) provides a dynamic tool capable of assessing the impact of a multi structured demand plan (whether production, sales or other), into Gross, Detailed Summarised Where Used or Net requirements. This is a computer system which requires a minimum of complicated user setup, and at the same time provides flexibility in its approach to suit individual business needs.


  • MRP provides the opportunity to say ‘what if’ for different time plans
  • The system forms the basis for a balanced inventory of stores and allows positive control to all levels of stock
  • Linking MRP to Axiom-MSS Production Control and Axiom-MSS Stock Control systems completes the circle of manufacturing control
  • The system can be used for a variety of situations requiring analysis based on a time structure or plan, for example Merchandising, Personnel Manpower Planning, etc


  • User defined master item lists are coded into a Bill of Material structure (BOM) file. This file can be interrogated by ‘where used’ or ‘used on’ enquiries
  • User sets own parameters relating to prioritising, calendar and scheduling requirements
  • Special fields in master BOM allows user to match system to user’s particular environment
  • User friendly messages mean users can optimise the power of the system with quicker turnaround of data

A Closer Look

  • Linked menus provide a programmed set of actions which are easily understood
  • All systems responses follow similar patterns - no ‘one off’ sets of key strokes required for exceptional situations
  • System is strict on data but friendly to operate
  • Minimum learning curve for all users
  • Maximum use of screen enquiries reduce the amount of printing required and paper handling
  • System features continuous audit trails to satisfy company and stock checking
  • Design change control is maintained throughout the system
  • Competent assistance available to help define, setup and install your system

AXIOM-MSS MRP What it does

Explodes a demand file against a master BOM structure file to produce a Gross Requirements list. This list is then passed against the stock file to produce a list of Net Requirements. This is in turn exploded at the next level down and continues to the lowest level of requirements, i.e. raw Materials/Purchased Parts. At each point in the cycle there is an opportunity for the user to make changes to the plan in line with local planning knowledge. On completion of the requirement planning, the list of resulting orders can be fed into the Production Control system to simulate the load using a dummy WIP) or using the main WIP file for actual production run.

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer with Pentium 4 processor (or higher) with 512MB of memory


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7


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