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Hotel Booking System



Under-utilisation of hotel capacity can lead to lost revenue, hence this Hotel Booking System is designed to aid hotels of all sizes by increasing efficiency with a rapid assessment of a hotel’s booking status. This allows immediate response to both individual and group bookings. And by providing a wide range of facilities it will meet the booking needs of a busy hotel, whilst giving scope for the expanding chain to control a number of separate hotels.


  • A simple to use system operated from a user-friendly menu to allow ease of use by all staff

  • The system can be used by a variety of hotel sizes and small hotel chains

  • There is no restriction on the number of rooms catered for

  • Rapid access to overall booking status for any specified period over two years, showing room availability, rooms allocated and confirmed bookings

  • The system allows allocations to be made on group or individual bases

  • Group bookings are provided for use with individual party member breakdown and invoice

  • With accurate, up-to-the-minute information available, improved efficiency in dealing with booking requests can help to maximise both customer satisfaction and hotel utilisation

  • User can create ‘what if’ type situations to see how large bookings will affect allocations

A Closer Look

  • Easy to use and understand screens make this a versatile system with direct benefit to hotel management

  • Comprehensive reports available to show group or individual booking allocations with the added ability to design your own reports to provide other combinations of the information stored

  • Multi-user facility and ability to tailor system to your exact requirements

  • Security of information provided by multi-level access

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer with Pentium 4 processor (or higher) with 512MB of memory


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

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