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Who are we Axiom MSS is an organisation founded on years of experience within the field of training both supervisory and management personnel. The recently merged company is now in a position to offer its clients a wide range of products to meet the needs of the ever-changing workplace. Our training enables individuals to adapt to new technology, to welcome change, and to fully participate in their company's development.

What we do The combination of a fast moving economy and increased workloads make it essential that companies empower their people to meet the challenges they face. They need to have the right skills to create a first class customer service that will lead to growth and corporate profit. Axiom MSS is here to help in that process. To ensure that whatever your needs, be it software, IT or management training, Axiom MSS has the total IT service to support your organisation's strategy to meet its corporate objectives.

How we do it Flexibility is the key to our success. Our services include:

o        Consultancy - we will research the company's current business and computer situation and recommend a comprehensive programme of solutions. The Axiom MSS consultancy strategy will match your precise corporate needs and provide you with a blue-print for implementation

o        IT Software - Axiom MSS is able to offer a wide range of IT business modules that can be tailored to the clients exact needs. This flexible facility ensures that clients have the right software for the job and that their staff are trained to put theory into action immediately - saving the client both time and money.

o        Training - this is a key area of our business and one that reflects the range of products that are available to organisations of all sizes. Axiom MSS provides training in all aspects of supervisory, finance, IT, management and leadership roles, providing effective people for focused organisations.

o        Search and selection - by understanding our clients business we are able to assist in the search and selection of candidates in the fields of business and computer management. Axiom MSS can also help in the screening, interviewing and selection of staff.

Where we do it Axiom MSS offers, among other things, in-house training courses that reflect the precise needs of the client and its industry. Regular courses are also held at our training centre in Worthing or at venues to suit the client. All our consultants have wide practical experience in the field in which they train and will continue to work with the client organisation until everyone is satisfied that their objectives have been met.

How can we help your organisation Every organisation is striving for the growth of its people and its business and in today's competitive market place companies cannot afford to allow the competition to be better skilled - and therefore more productive - than themselves. Axiom MSS ensures that each client has the opportunity to deliver the most effective service to its customers through staff who are knowledgeable and well trained in their individual disciplines. We guarantee that our specialist expertise will make a real difference to your organisation.




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